In 1987 a small group of entrepreneurial corporate finance and business advisors came together to support clients in cross-border transactions. 30 years later, we have grown into an international family of like-minded entrepreneurs with deep local market roots and world-class sector expertise. We are now 55 independent, successful firms with over 10,000 private company deals completed, and a track record which demonstrates that we deliver optimal deal terms and superior valuation for our clients. Our obsession is to make our clients’ business dreams a reality.

Our Core Values

Openness and Camaraderie

Our camaraderie and openness give us powerful access to investors across all global markets. A broader selection of investors increases both competitive tension and the likelihood of finding the right investor –therefore delivering superior results for our clients.

Relentless Entrepreneurialism

Our global family of members are relentless entrepreneurs themselves, so we leave no stone unturned in getting the best deal for our clients. We use our in depth knowledge of local markets, corporate and financial investors in every sector to deliver the best value.

Tier One Brand Quality

We always put our clients first –in every country and in every language we know how to achieve success for them. When you choose a member firm in one country, you can be sure that all our members work to the same high quality and ethos. This synergy creates success.

Executive Team

Our board of directors is appointed via the network members, along with our administrator. Driven by our relentless entrepreneurial spirit, our team is committed to the growth and accessibility of our unique community via our world-class talent and sector expertise.

Martijn Peters

Martijn Peters, President of Globalscope and Managing Director of DEX international M&A, in the Netherlands, focused on cross-border transactions.

Kamal Rungta

Kamal Rungta, Head of Conferences and President-Elect, is CEO at RCS Advisors India Pvt. Ltd, a leading boutique Investment Bank based in India.

Michael Moritz

Michael Moritz, Head of European Events and Training, is Managing Partner at Carlsquare GmbH, based in Germany with 8 offices in Europe and US.

Stephen Jakob

Stephen Jakob, Treasurer, is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Osprey Capital Partners, one of Canada’s leading independent mid-market investment banking and financial advisory firms.

Al Melchiorre

Al Melchiorre, Head of Sectors, is Founder and President at MelCap Partners, LLC, a middle market investment banking advisory firm in the USA.

José Diaz

José Diaz, Head of Recruitment- Americas, is Partner Director of Insignia Financial Advisors, a specialized and independent corporate finance advisory boutique based out of Panama.

Deniz Kartal

Deniz Kartal, Head of Member Engagement, is Managing Partner at Orion Capital Partners, an award-winning finance team based out of Turkey.

Dr. Thomas Vettiger

Dr. Thomas Vettiger, Head of Strategic Development, is Managing Partner at IFBC, one of the leading independent financial advisors in Switzerland.

Alexander Wood

Alexander Wood, Head of Recruitment – Asia, Middle East and Africa, is CEO and Co-founder of AWR Lloyd, a leading M&A and strategy consultancy firm focused on the Indo-Pacific region.

Diego Hernando Ortega

Diego Hernando Ortega, Head of Marketing & PR, is Founder & Managing Partner of Liberdade Capital an independent partner-owned corporate and investment advisory firm based in Portugal.

Julie Aroune

Julie Aroune, Director of Operations, dedicated to all aspects of execution for the growth and strategic development of the network.

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