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25 Mar 2014

ICT: US and Canadian outfits dominated foreign acquisitions of European technology services firms last year, a consultancy has reported. 

Globalscope, an international network of M&A advisers that specialise in cross-border deals commented that three top markets accounted for nearly two-thirds of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities in the European technology services sector last year. Four out five foreign buyers were North American, while overall many European firms remained reliant on foreign staff.  

18 Feb 2014

In this report, Globalscope covers the main segments of the Internet industry with regard to 2013 M&A activity in Europe. These are: Consumer; Online Business Service; Mobile; Enabling, Analytics and Ad Serving; and Commerce.  In 2013, the Internet industry was characterized by a high level of transactions despite the economic situation in Europe.

04 Feb 2014

It is with pleasure that Globalscope members, Solving Efeso (the Netherlands) and Guarita & Associados (Brazil), announce their first cross-border transaction for 2014 with the acquisition of Tubexpress by Van Leeuwen Pipes and Tubes Group.

16 Jan 2014

Globalscope is pleased to report that the annual corporate finance training session took place in Villars, Switzerland on 8-12 January 2014. Ten participants from different countries took a 3-day course in corporate finance which covered topics such as modelling, risk & return, valuation, cost and structure of financing, sensitivities & scenario planning and transaction process.