• Member Carlsquare GmbH
  • Sector TMT
  • Date completed 12.09.2018
  • Client SiteGainer
  • Country Sweden
  • Acquirer Symplify
  • Country Sweden

On September 13th, the Swedish marketing automation company Symplify (former Compost Marketing) acquired the Swedish software company SiteGainer that provides an AB-testing platform. The platform includes a range of functions (including AB-testing, multivariate testing, surveys, heatmaps and popups) that aim to increase the conversion rate of websites (no. of completed purchases in relation to number of website users). The platform is highly appreciated among clients and several large companies use SiteGainer including: NA-KD, Lyko, KappAhl, Babyshop and Lekmer.

Carlsquare GmbH
Symplify acquires SiteGainer

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