R.S. Hanline & Company

  • Member MelCap Partners, LLC
  • Sector Consumer
  • Date completed 15.06.2019
  • Client R.S. Hanline & Company
  • Country United States
  • Target Flavorco-USA, INC.
  • Country United States

R.S. Hanline & Company, Inc. is a leading fresh produce supplier and one of the largest food manufacturing and wholesale produce distributors in the Eastern United States. The Company offers an extensive line of fresh-cut value added, specialty and locally grown products for all market segments in the produce industry. In an effort to expand its product offering, and to better serve its customers, Hanline made a strategic decision to enter the frozen foods business by acquiring certain operating assets from Flavorco-USA, Inc., a Mastronardi Produce Company, in Detroit, MI. MelCap Partners, LLC served as investment banker and financial advisor to Hanline in this acquisition.

MelCap Partners, LLC

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