Peerless Management LLC

  • Member MelCap Partners, LLC
  • Sector Business & Financial Services
  • Date completed 12.04.2021
  • Client Pole Barns Direct
  • Country United States
  • Acquirer Peerless Management LLC
  • Country United States

Pole Barns Direct (“Pole Barns”) builds high quality post frame buildings. Pole building or post-frame construction involves poles or posts place in the ground, with the rest of the structure framed around those posts. With post-frame construction, each post is set on its own foundation in the bottom of a post hole, unlike stud construction which requires  continuous foundation. Post-frame construction has many advantages, including affordability, design flexibility and durability. MelCap Partners served as Pole Barn’s exclusive investment banker and financial advisor in the sale of the Company. We would like to thank Pole Barn’s Shareholder, Reggie Stoltzfus, for hiring MelCap Partners to represent him in this important transaction. It was an honor and pleasure to work with him  through this exciting process. In an effort to provide Mr. Stotlzfus with liquidity, and to continue to support Pole Barns’s strategic growth plans, MelCap advised the Company in the sale of the business to Peerless Management LLC.  

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