• Member Atout Capital
  • Sector TMT
  • Date completed 29.07.2022
  • Client ITESOFT
  • Country France
  • Acquirer CDML
  • Country France

ATOUT CAPITAL advised CDML (holding company controlled by Mr Didier Charpentier, chairman and founder of ITESOFT), the majority shareholder, as well as some of historical shareholders and managers, in the preparation and filing of a public tender offer for ITESOFT shares.

This transaction follows the signing of a “concerted shareholders’ agreement” in October 2021 between CDML, some of the historical shareholders and managers of ITESOFT with the aim to support the implementation of the Group’s strategy on its market. At the closing of the offer and considering ITESOFT’s treasury shares, the concert holds 96.28% of the voting rights and 94.22% of the capital of ITESOFT. Excluding treasury shares, the concert holds 92.63% of the voting rights and 87.82% of the capital.

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