• Member MelCap Partners, LLC
  • Sector Consumer
  • Date completed 8.01.2021
  • Client ASB Industries, Inc.
  • Country United States
  • Acquirer Hannecard
  • Country -

ASB Industries, Inc. is a leading provider of thermal spray coating services and advanced surfacing technology. Since its founding in 1946, the Company has offered a variety of surface treatments that can dramatically improve a product’s performance and extend its working life, ultimately improving customers’ operational efficiencies and reducing maintenance costs. The Company offers turnkey thermal spray, cold spray, and plasma spray coatings, as well as welding, machining, and grinding services for clients across North America and Mexico. MelCap Partners served as ASB’s exclusive investment banker and financial advisor in the sale of the Company. We would like to thank the Shareholders at ASB, Al Kay, John Lindeman and Charlie Kay for hiring MelCap Partners to represent them in this important transaction. It was an honor and pleasure to work with them through this exciting process. In an effort to provide the Shareholders with liquidity, and to continue to support ASB’s strategic growth plans, MelCap was able to successfully identify the ideal buyer for the business. As a result, ASB was sold to Hannecard, headquartered in Belgium. Founded in 1896, Hannecard is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of industrial roller coverings in rubber, polyurethane, composite and carbide, and thermal spray. With over 20 production sites in 16 countries and 5 continents, Hannecard offers a wide range of other services, including roller maintenance, roller repair, HVAF, and HVOF thermal spray to the roller, printing, and paper and tissue industries. Partnering with Hannecard will create the perfect opportunity for ASB’s continued growth and expand ASB’s offerings to its customer base.

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