Financial Advisor on the sale of Swissgrid shares to its own shareholders

  • Member IFBC
  • Sector Energy Transition
  • Date completed 1.06.2022
  • Client Kraftwerke Hinterrhein AG
  • Country Switzerland
  • Target Swissgrid AG
  • Country Switzerland

As part of the transfer of the transmission network to Swissgrid AG, Kraftwerke Hinterrhein AG received Swissgrid shares as a compensation for its transmission network assets. After the definitive conclusion of the transaction, these Swissgrid shares were now to be sold to the company’s own shareholders. Since not all shareholders are interested in a purchase, a fair sales price for the Swissgrid shares must be ensured to guarantee equal economic treatment of all shareholders.

IFBC developed a concept for the valuation of the Swissgrid shares and the determination of the selling price for Kraftwerke Hinterrhein AG with the involvement of all relevant stakeholders. Based on the concept, IFBC performed the valuation and determination of the selling price respectively.

shareholders, through the transfer of the transmission network, received shares of

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