F.B.L. Food Machinery

  • Member Pirola Corporate Finance
  • Sector Industrials
  • Date completed 26.06.2024
  • Client F.B.L. Food Machinery
  • Country Italy
  • Target Bondani S.r.l.
  • Country Italy

Pirola Corporate Finance is the exclusive financial advisor to F.B.L. Food Machinery, a company in the food industry market for over 50 years and controlled by the Entangled Capital SGR fund, in the acquisition and integration of Bondani S.r.l., an Emilian company specializing in packaging plants and machinery founded in the 1990s by the Bondani family.

This acquisition will allow F.B.L. Food Machinery to integrate technological innovation, important clients, and the long-standing expertise of the Bondani family and their team as part of the company’s strategic growth plan, which also includes external growth. Additionally, this agreement will enable Bondani, considering the ongoing aggregation process in the industrial automation sector in food & beverage, to avoid remaining isolated in their specialties. Instead, they will have the opportunity to enhance and scale them with appropriate technical and commercial synergies while maintaining significant operational and commercial flexibility.

Alessio Bondani, the current General Manager, will reinvest in the company and focus on further developing the business, coordinating with Roberto Visconti and Luca Ponzi, long-time partners of FBL Food Machinery, to offer customers even more advanced technological solutions and service standards, thanks to their significant technical and production capabilities.

As a result, FBL Food Machinery exceeds a turnover of 15 million euros with approximately 50 highly specialized and qualified employees.

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