Equistone/GALA Kerzen

  • Member Carlsquare GmbH
  • Sector Consumer
  • Date completed 30.04.2018
  • Client Equistone/GALA Kerzen
  • Country Germany
  • Target Korona Candles S.A.
  • Country Poland

Equistone’s portfolio company GALA Kerzen expands for the third time in the past few months and acquires Korona Candles S.A. (“Korona”). The Polish company is considered to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of “”private label”” candle products, mainly scented candles. With the acquisition of Korona, GALA Kerzen completes its assortment and expands its international presence. The GALA Kerzen group of companies has developed into a leading, globally operating candle manufacturer with the Indian Ramesh Flowers, the Berlin jewelCandle and now with Korona. GALA Kerzen is expanding its presence in Europe and the US through its partnership with Korona. Korona is a global manufacturer of candles and supplies renowned international corporations with a wide range of private label products. The product range includes tealights, pillar candles and scented candles, votive candles, container candles in glass, ceramic and metal vessels, as well as various candle refill systems. The company, based in Wielun, Poland, was founded in 1992 and also has a production facility in Dublin / Virginia, USA. The production of candles at Korona is highly automated, and a modern logistics center supports worldwide sales. The approximately 1.000 employees generated a turnover of over 100 million euros. “”Korona stands for quality and sustainable business development; the company is highly innovative and extremely flexible. At the same time, Korona is characterized by strong customer loyalty and stable business relationships. This combination is one of the reasons for the success of Korona””, explains Dirk Langhammer, Managing Director of GALA Kerzen. “”We want to use this and, together with Korona, advance the important expansion in Europe and the US market.”

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