BlueGem (HVAC)

  • Member TENZING Partners
  • Sector Business & Financial Services
  • Date completed 25.07.2023
  • Client Grethen s.à r.l.
  • Country Luxembourg
  • Acquirer TESEOS
  • Country Luxembourg

The transaction aims at acquiring know-how, client base and reputation (strong brand) in installing and in maintaining (incl. trouble-shooting ) heating & ventilation systems (ft. heat-pumps), and sanitary settings.

These core businesses, subject to business authorization, are ideally positioned to address the growing needs for a more sustainable energy use, either incentivized by government subsidies and/or by renovation necessities.

The buyer is the holding company of Luxembourg’s leading energy company, which also includes electrical grid operator and energy supplier. Through their acquisitions portfolio of 13x companies, more than 700 employees are active in the field of industrial electrical equipment, cooling systems, thunder protection solutions, electrical wholesale distribution and installation, facility management and energy distribution systems production/assembly.

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