Agger and Arco Capital

  • Member Pactor Finan├žas Corporativas
  • Sector TMT
  • Date completed 11.08.2021
  • Client Agger
  • Country -
  • Acquirer Arco Capital
  • Country -

Pactor is pleased to announce that it acted as exclusive financial advisor to Agger’s partners in the sale of the company to Arco Capital, marking the first acquisition of this Search Fund in Brazil. Agger is a Brazilian information technology company focused on developing technological solutions for the insurance market. Operating for over 25 years in Brazil, it has a broad portfolio of technological solutions (software), especially for managing insurance brokers. Arco Capital is a Search Fund composed of a group of national and international investors with vast experience in different sectors and industries, and who acquired Agger as their growth platform in Brazil.

Pactor Finan├žas Corporativas
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