Adani Group

  • Member a’XYKno Capital Services
  • Sector Industrials
  • Date completed 19.04.2020
  • Client NRC Limited
  • Country India
  • Acquirer Adani Group
  • Country India

a’XYKno Capital Services was the sole Advisor to this deal. In June 2020, aXYKno, Member of the Globalscope, the International M&A Network, concluded Sale of NRC Limited and successfully Resolved this Special Situation & Stressed Asset, having large workforce of more than 6000 (Workmen & Employees), Multiple Litigations that too during this challenging time of outbreak of COVID-19. The Deal was 100% buyout by Adani Group (US$ 22 Billion Enterprise) based in India. Please contact a’XYKno Capital for more details.

a’XYKno Capital Services
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