Pareto Securities acquires Aktieinvest FK

Financial Services & Insurance
Deal description: 

The Norwegian investment bank Pareto Securities acquires the Swedish online broker Aktieinvest FK AB (“Aktieinvest”) from the Swedish Shareholders’ Association(“Aktiespararna”). Aktieinvest offers a range of different savings products to private investors (e.g. fraction trading: customers can trade shares in amounts and fractions including re-investment of dividend for free) and various issuance services to companies. Aktieinvest currently has 60,000 customers with deposit accounts and the Company has been owned by Aktiespararna for about 30 years. Jarl Securities acted as sole financial advisor to Aktiespararna.

In 2019, Jarl Securities, member of Globalscope, the international M&A network, provided advisory services to Aktieinvest FK based in Sweden in an M&A transaction with Pareto Securities, based in Norway. Please contact Jarl Securities for more details.

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