Caroline Berglund, Strategic Business Manager at member firm Carlsquare, Sweden, writes about her experiences in supporting female entrepreneurs:

“My previous experience of working in female dominated environments hasn´t always been the most positive – it’s funny how things can change.

A few weeks ago, I launched “Growth”, a pitching event for female entrepreneurs, together with Michaela Berglund CEO at the female network Feminvest. We aim to highlight female founders and to create a marketplace for investors and entrepreneurs.

On the day of the event, the room was crowded, and you could feel the excitement in the air. Eight businesses were pitched by nine female founders. These impressive women found the courage to stand in front of the beaming audience and renowned jury to present their businesses. After three hours, two winners were crowned! That so many took an interest; with an audience filling every seat and cheering for each pitch; that an expert jury of investors and professionals took time to give feedback on their brilliant ideas, and of course all the entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas – that can absolutely be deemed a success. The news and social media posts of the event and presenters have trended, and the likes continue to increase. More importantly, however, I know that the event raised awareness and secured funding for some to take the next step in their growth story.

The number of female entrepreneurs is on the rise around the world and coming from Sweden the discourse about gender equality is everywhere. Still the number of female entrepreneurs is low. I see that several of the barriers to entry to female entrepreneurship relate to financing, but it is also about access to the right network and lack of available information and advice available for women.

Personally, I love and live by my network and put a lot of effort into building and maintaining the ties. And by being part of the financial industry and working for Carlsquare (hanging out with change makers) has given me a position that can enable change. With our strong network and business relationships we can accelerate change.

We were taught to compete with one another, due to the scarcity of top positions. Now I see this shifting. “Growth” was a great example of a new era. A wise woman said to me – “sisterhood is the new black and empowering one another is the way forward”.

I co-founded “Growth” hoping to encourage women to set higher aspirations for their businesses, plans for growth, and to embrace innovation. It’s been said before; a woman alone can have power; but collectively we can have impact.

There is strength in the pack…”

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