As we all adapt again to lockdown, we are speaking to many business owners who are asking themselves whether they really have the strength and energy to take their company to the next stage of development. Many don’t believe they have a choice – how could they possibly get a full price for their company in a Covid hit economy? But …

Every quarter here at Corbett Keeling, we review Private Equity M&A activity in UK Private Company Director; this assessment of deal volumes and values is a strong indicator of market appetite for investments and acquisitions. We supplement this by surveying equity and debt providers directly to find out how they foresee deal activity in the following quarter. A born optimist, even I have found myself surprised by the strength of the market this last quarter and, while debt may be less readily available, it is evident there is plenty of equity investment impatient to pay a full price to owners wishing to reduce their exposure to their business. Please do read the full report in our January edition of UK Private Company Director – the facts speak for themselves.

 The market statistics reflect our own experience. We were just preparing to sell a business when the first lockdown was imposed last March. Determined to get the best price for our clients, we wondered whether we should advise them to put the deal on hold. With hindsight, we were right not to as we received multiple offers. The owners are delighted with the result and can now look forward to their retirement, confident the business is in safe hands for the next stage of its growth.

 If you would like to discuss your options for a partial or full sale of your shareholding, please do get in touch.

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