Our Board of Directors stand united in our commitment to provide sound financial advice to our clients and prospective clients during the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic. Our 55 member firms represent business owners in buying, selling and financing businesses. We understand the severity of the impact of the pandemic on businesses in the middle and lower middle market. Business owners are rightfully concerned about the financial implication on businesses they have worked so hard to build, as well as the impact on customers and employees.The worldwide network of Globalscope partner firms stand ready to provide business owners sound financial advice during these turbulent times. Business owners need to know their options in order to make critical decisions, regarding the future of their businesses. With having served over 10,000 clients in our 30 year global M&A experience across all continents, Globalscope partner firms possess the experience, competency and capability to assist business owners during this time of uncertainty.

Please do get in touch with Julie.Aroune@globalscopepartners.com if you would like our support.