News April 2014

23 Apr 2014

Globalscope Partners, the international M&A network, is delighted to announce the success of its 15th Semi-Annual Conference.

During the conference, the network confirmed its expansion in:

·         China into Shanghai and Jiaxing;  and

·         Southern Africa into Namibia and Botswana.

Michael Moritz, president of Globalscope, commented: “We are very proud to extend Globalscope’s reach in two of the fastest growing economies in the world. This will benefit our clients hugely.”

02 Apr 2014

When it comes to preparing the right exit strategy, knowing your home market is vital – but what if you could do better abroad? You might find your perfect match in a firm anywhere from the Valley to Vancouver, and foreign buyers can often put in a higher bid. But accessing the international market is no mean task; as well as sourcing the science of market reviews and cutting-edge financials, you will no doubt also be faced with mastering the dark arts of business culture and insider knowledge. Help is essential.